International Seminar AISTEEL 2016

08 November 2016 11:38:02

 Education worldwide has currently turned to take one of the most strategic position amid global multidimension crises. This is because education is believe to have influenced people’s way of thinking in many ways. As advanced in various sectors of life cannot be halted, educators should be able to properly position them selves and upgrade their knowledge and skills of teaching to keep up with the new trends and other educational issues. Unfortunately, some elementary problems are still frequently found among teachers such as teaching without proper preparations, inability to identify students’ characteristics and lacking creativity. Such weaknesses will certainly contribute to the failure of achieving national educational target, which, in the end diminish the country’s competitiveness. Therefore, more robust ideas to help solve the problem are needed.

     The goal of transformative education is to develop visionary teachers and teacher educators tobe capable of and committed to transforming education systems worldwide so that they prepare citizens with high-level abilities essential for resolving global crises such as international political conflicts, climate change and loss of biocultural diversity. For this purpose, teacher educators must be equipped with better professional knowledge and skills for ensuring that teaching and curricula meet global challenge of the twenty first century, among which learning to live sustainably on planet Earth ad one of today’s most pressing concern. Teacher’s shifting to this vision will also help students learn meaningfully and collaboratively especially about these twenty-first-century sustainability issues, it is necessary that they develop higher-level cognitive and social abilities, including critical reflective thinking, cooperative decision making, empathic and compassionate understanding of self and other, ethical awareness and values clarification, and commitment to personal and social action (Taylor: 2015)